I began my career in photography with adventure sports and travel shooting editorials and advertising imagery, but a change in direction brought me to portraiture and fashion. A curiosity of all things foreign, to me, has led me to meet some fascinating people (and some terrifying) and it often puts me in privileged and unique situations around the world.

My aim is always to bring back engaging photos from exciting stories, showing people something new, something they wouldn't be able to see for themselves. To do this I will immerse myself in my subjects world and become a part of it as much as I possibly can. Sometimes this will be just for a few minutes or sometimes days, whether it's prison gang members shut away in their homes with guns and drugs flying around or with a local artist at his workshop.

For my commercial work I bring a relaxed and professional approach with the appropriate team and equipment for any given job. I work with agencies, creatives, magazines and directly with the brands themselves whether it be from concept to retouch or purely on the photography to a brief. My recent underwater shoots of swimmers shot at night have been getting some great industry ‘nods’ receiving recognition at the Siena International Photography Awards 2019, runner up at the British Photography Awards 2019 and shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Awards 2019. Keep up to date with my latest work over at my Instagram

In 2013 I began developing an exciting charitable project to take photography to the townships of South Africa and rural depths of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This has being extremely well received by the children who have shown real promise as future photographers. The programmes, which take gap year students as volunteer teachers to South Africa, aim to give the children (aged 10-16 years) a voice, somewhere to be creative, to educate and develop them with essential life skills - and who knows maybe even open up a career path. This is something I am extremely passionate about and it is hugely rewarding for anyone involved. To find out more or get involved please visit www.snap.foundation