Kasamba Village - DR Congo

In the small remote village of Kasamba near Lubumbashi in Southern DR Congo is an old shack, it's a hospital for the villagers. Their doctors and the village are fighting against many things but malaria it would seem is the biggest threat. I have started developing films from a heartbreaking story I shot on this during my last trip to DR Congo, there will be more to come . . . . here is Dr Musonda Mujinga-Desire sat in his office at the mud brick hospital with his radio in the foreground.

Dr Pondo Kishala Guislain in his office with his medical supplies beside him.

The next three photos are of 2 year old Kilambwe who was being treated for Malaria with her mother by her side. Unfortunately a combination of limited education on the disease, a lack of resources and money for medication mean the child mortality rate is massive. I have since found out that Kilambwe has sadly died. When I saw her there, with doctors on a drip I presumed she was being taken care of, unfortunately the care they could provide was not enough and she needed further treatment at proper hospital in town. Malaika who are my DR Congo partners (on my Snap Foundation projects) are doing a great deal of work towards the education and prevention of malaria.

Kongolo Mwamba Etienne works at the health centre in the just up from the hospital where he looks after women during and after child birth. This health centre is much like the hospital, rags for curtains, exposed mud brick walls and dusty floors. Very limited supplies and services put them under a lot of strain.

And here are some of the women Etienne looks after. . . .